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You can part with class, The Chances of Love with anger, and also with relief when feelings have already completely burned out. But sometimes you lose someone when you still care and your emotions are buzzing. At this point, you feel as if someone has taken all the colors out of the world. What you enjoyed is now flat and faded like an old photograph. You are on autopilot and only occasionally ask yourself, “Am I going to experience something so real?”

This question belongs to the broad category of questions from the series: “Do I have another chance?”. Thousands of people ask themselves when they feel like they have hit the wall and want to change jobs or professions, move or learn to dance. But instead of doing it, they tell themselves that they are too young or too old for it, too little or too much experienced, they have too much to lose or so little that they will be plunged by another failure. Then they sit down, resigned, and say, “It’s too late.” As if the fact that they hadn’t had time to do something “at the right age” (whatever that meant) meant that their train with capabilities had departed and never another would come.

You Might Think it Depends on Your Age, But it isn’t.

In the context of relationships, this is what you think at the age of twenty, when everyone around you seems to have already had fascinating sexual adventures and first relationships.

One thinks like this when you are in your thirties, when you observe a rash of weddings and babies being born among your friends, and you keep returning to an empty apartment in which only jars from your parents and ready-made dishes to be reheated in the microwave are kept.

You think this way when you are divorced and you feel that SharekAlomre they all belong to someone and that only they belong to no one.

This is what you think when you are in your 50s and 60s. When you still have so many things to experience and so many feelings to give to another person, but who saw it at this age to look for relationships?

The Chances of Love Never End

The funny thing is, it’s only when you look back that you see how false these beliefs were.

There is no such thing as a limit of happiness, friends, money. Or by default the most beautiful period in life, because nothing prevents you from being one. At the age of 21, 40 or 78. If it were otherwise, you would be able to die safely at the age of 30. Because apparently at the age of 30 you experience. The Chances of Love The best of everything. Unfortunately, then mankind would be deprived of Bulgakov’s “Master and Margarita” and most of van Gogh’s paintings.

There is also no limit to the chances of love, and we all know it internally. It is true that the most talked about first love is because we are imprinted with a dopamine pattern. It is like the moment when you see the sea for the first time and like your first journey.

Only when you look at the phrase “first love” you will notice that it is not “only love”, “best love” or “special love”.

It is the first because it is followed by (or at least they can come) the next ones. Which are no less or less important. On the contrary – they are often much more mature and contain more pleasant emotions.

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Whether or not these next loves come, is not affected by your age. Your previous experiences and how many relationships you have behind you. Because everyone needs closeness, and there are never too many fantastic people.

What matters is your commitment, your willingness to work on yourself and. Above all, your resolve not to stop your life in the corner. Watching what others are doing and reflecting on whether the right time has passed.

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