Morbid Jealousy - How to Deal with a Jealous Partner?

Morbid jealousy – how to deal with a jealous partner? This difficult question sooner or later appears in the minds of many women who face the exaggerated jealousy of their beloved. While a bit of jealousy in a relationship is not a bad thing, and sometimes it is even desirable, the partner’s morbid jealousy can not only spoil the relationship and lead to a breakup, but also effectively damage a woman’s self-esteem and her psyche.

Delicate jealousy can be evidence of a partner’s affection, it can also give a woman confidence and make her feel even more attractive. However, morbid jealousy in a relationship is no longer a good thing – such emotions make life difficult for both parties and destroy not only the relationship, but often each partner as well. In many cases, such behavior is grounded in one’s own low self-esteem, in complexes, as well as in the insecurity of one’s feelings towards the other person, or the need to control.

Morbid Jealousy – a Jealous Partner

Patient jealousy can manifest itself in many different ways, but they all come down to one thing: your partner’s unfounded suspicions of betrayal – already done or about to happen – and that she is about to leave. A jealous partner makes normal life and functioning difficult not only for his partner, but also for himself, he often behaves irrational. Such a person is not guided by logic – usually they are convinced that they are cheated and lied to and that they do not get any arguments.

The symptoms of jealousy can manifest themselves not only in fights – a morbidly jealous person can violate the privacy of his partner and read her correspondence in messaging, check the phone, and even limit her freedom: to spy on her, track her or forbid contact with certain people. In addition, most often there are also emotional blackmail, accusations, and even insults. Such behavior most often leads to a breakup – the partner’s morbid jealousy leads to constant quarrels and definitely destroys trust.

How to Deal with your Partner’s Sickly Jealousy?

The sickness of jealousy in a relationship and its symptoms do not always start right away. It happens that only after some time the partner “leaves” a second, unpleasant face. The slightest impulse is enough to arouse a wave of anger in him and the belief that he is definitely being cheated, but he does not get any explanations – for example, that you came home 10 minutes later because there were terrible traffic jams or your bus was late. It will be clear to your morbidly jealous partner that you are screwing them up – whether or not you are really to blame.

So, is there any way to deal with morbid jealousy in a relationship? And how do you deal with a partner who has a problem with jealousy? Fortunately, morbid jealousy is something you can fight against – a condition that is being aware of the seriousness of the situation and willing to change. FlirtWith So, if you feel that this problem also affects your partner and your relationship – see the advice below to help you understand how to resolve it, regain peace of mind, and rebuild your relationship.

Morbid Jealousy - How to Deal with a Jealous Partner?

The First and Most Important Step to Change Is Your Partner’s Sincere Willingness to Fight His Own Emotions

The symptoms of jealousy that he exhibits are often just the tip of the iceberg, beneath more serious disorders. Lack of self-confidence or complexes are problems that the psychologist will help to deal with.

Honest Conversation with Your Partner

Morbid jealousy in a relationship often leads to a breakup. So if your partner exhibits these behaviors, start by talking honestly with him. Explain that he has a problem that can and should be treated, and that you can deal with it together. You have to make him realize that his behavior is destructive to both of you and is very damaging to your relationship. Chances are, if he really cares about you, he’ll want to work on himself.

Therapist’s Help – a Jealous Partner

Morbid jealousy is a very complex problem that we are unlikely to solve on our own. The best idea is to seek help from a psychotherapist – together, as a couple or as individual therapy for a partner.

Do not Look for Fault in Yourself

If you know that you have nothing to reproach yourself for and are honest with your partner – don’t beat yourself up and handle him like an egg. The symptoms of jealousy are often completely unfounded, and the partner can make accusations for just any reason. Being under constant supervision and constantly accusing you of dishonesty can have a negative effect on your mental state – so remember that (if you are fair) the fault is not with you, but with your partner’s emotions that you have to deal with.

Searching for the Cause

Patient jealousy in a relationship is not a cause in itself, but only the result of deeply hidden emotions. In addition to low self-esteem or complexes, it can also be caused by unpleasant experiences from the past. A jealous partner may subconsciously hide resentment and fear of betrayal. If he or she has been cheated or cheated in the past. This could have caused psychological trauma and fear of trusting anyone. As well as the “expectation” that such a story would repeat itself sooner or later. In that case, getting to the bottom of the problem and its true causes could already be a huge step towards dealing with it. It happens that a pathologically jealous partner. When he understands the reasons for his jealousy, can deal with it himself. These are quite rare but possible.

Build up the ego – a Jealous Partner

A partner’s morbid jealousy can be caused by his low self-esteem and fear. That everyone else is better, more handsome, smarter and more attractive than him. Such a person is afraid that he may lose his partner. At any moment and he sees a threat to every man. If this is the cause of morbid jealousy in your relationship. You can try to show your partner that they are perfect for you. Help him believe that you are not interested in other guys. Because you love him and want to be with him. Such fear can be deeply entrench and convincing a love. One will probably not be easy, but it’s worth a try. Maybe if the partner feels more confident. Their behavior will also improve.

A little Jealousy can Warm up Emotions in a Relationship. Add a little Spice and Remind you of How Much We Mean to Your Partner

However, the line between subtle and exaggerated jealousy is very thin. Patient jealousy in a relationship is truly destructive – a partner. Who has limit freedom, is constantly watched, watched over. And accused may feel like a prison in the relationship and completely. Lose his sense of security and even love for his partner.

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You must remember that the symptoms of jealousy do not always have to be visible immediately. At the beginning of a relationship – sometimes they can appear suddenly, one impulse is enough. So if your partner’s behavior is bothering you, look at him carefully and see. If it is already morbid jealousy. So don’t be afraid to seek help. If need – if your partner is willing to change, there is a good chance. That you will be able to solve the problem and save your relationship.

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